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Well-planned and executed office relocations that are safe, efficient and cause minimal disruption to your business.

Office and business relocations need to be safe, efficient and with minimal disruption. At Nayak Freight, we know how important security and timeliness is to your business, that’s why we offer a dedicated office and corporate relocation service. We provide both scheduled and ongoing office move contracts. Our move managers and crew are experts in corporate and office relocations, including relocation of IT servers and server racks.

We provide a comprehensive service, including:

Needs Assessment
Our Move managers will conduct an onsite inspection to evaluate staff requirements, schedule move dates, estimate move inventories and identify all safety measures required.

We’ll provide a comprehensive proposal with a detailed cost estimate and a full summary of the work involved.

Planning Schedule
We work with you to create a complete schedule for the relocation process. This ensures everyone is informed and know what to expect on move day.

Risk Assessment
Together, we’ll work on a risk assessment and contingency plan to cover any possible issues or delays.

Move Briefing
Nayak can provide helpful advice and instruction to your staff on packing processes and what’s involved on move day.

Pre-Move Activity
A lot happens before the move, including installation of floor protection and first aid kits, workstation identification (old and new location), item labelling, creating inventory lists etc.

Move Execution
Our move team will manage the relocation process together with your appointed corporate move consultant.

After The Move
For Nayak, the job isn’t done until you are fully settled into your new location. We offer post-move support including any follow-up work required to complete the move. Our management team welcome your feedback and we actively implement new methods based on customer suggestions.

Please contact us or send your RFQ to:
SATS AFT 4, #02-270A
TEL: +6543 4057 / 4091 

FAX: 6543 4092

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